Here's What Happened To The Original Herbie VW Beetle From 'The Love Bug'

When we are saying unique, we really suggest one of the unique Volkswagen Beatles used for the filming of the Disney classic "The Love Bug," which starred an anthropomorphic VW named Herbie that would assume and power for himself. His human costars have been Disney movie ordinary Dean Jones, famous actress Michele Lee, and comic Buddy Hackett.

As with nearly each movie wherein a automobile is solid as a primary character, the manufacturing team makes use of a proverbial fleet of lookalikes for all the required pictures and stunts performed. In this case, the actual variety of movie-used Bugs varies relying at the source. Many, like Antique Automobile Club of America, Salado Village Voice, or even the contemporary proprietor of Herbie #10 (on an episode of VW Life), declare that eleven have been used throughout filming. However, IMDb places the variety "over 20," and Disney itself, which have to in all likelihood be appeared because the authoritative source, says via the D23 Fan Club that 21 have been used.

Whatever the real variety, the unique Bug we`re regarding on this example is Herbie #10 (a.k.a., the Stunt Bug or Junk Bug). It isn't always simplest the oldest unique Herbie film automobile that remains however additionally simplest certainly considered one among a totally few — three or five, relying on who you ask — regarded to exist nevertheless, for this reason making it quite unique. Since it became used because the number one stunt automobile for the duration of the movie, the manufacturing crew brought a roll cage, skid plates, and heavy-responsibility shocks so it is able to take all of the pounding.

The unique Herbie nevertheless rides!

The film automobile became cosmetically altered, as well, as it became in the beginning a hardtop Horizon Blue 1957 Beetle with a small rear oval window. The roof became transformed right into a ragtop, and the oval window became enlarged to resemble the broader aspect-to-aspect rear window visible at the Pearl White 1963 Herbie withinside the movie. The black and yellow registration code studying OFP 857 — that's stated to stand for Official First Production August (8) 57 — became additionally brought.

Herbie #10 back as a simply beat-up junker Bug (now no longer as Herbie) painted in latex residence paint withinside the movie "Herbie Rides Again." According to contemporary proprietor Clayton Capps, after Herbie's movie profession ended, it sat at the backlot at Disney for numerous years earlier than taking place a roadshow with numerous different film cars. After that tour, it went to Swigart Car Museum in Pennsylvania. It became ultimately bought with the aid of using famed VW Bug collector Tory Alonzo (referred to as the "Herbie historian" in VW Bug circles).

Alonzo loaned it out to the Antique Automobile Club of America in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to position on display, however in 2016, he determined to promote Herbie. Capps, in turn, offered it from Alonzo for $85,000, which we bet is a scouse borrow thinking about that  of the opposite originals offered for over $125,000. Capps, who lives in Texas, has owned it ever since. He on occasion takes the Love Bug to nearby shows, as evidenced with the aid of using the VW Life interview given at one. Herbie even has an Instagram account wherein you could hold music of his ongoing adventures.

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